Learning a new instrument can be a daunting task, especially with all the information available on the internet. The trouble of not knowing where to begin, and knowing if you are doing a certain task correctly, can cause people to quit, or never even start. That is why taking lessons might be the right pathway for you. I will teach and help you set a foundation that will put you on a path toward your goals as a growing musician. Whether you are a beginner starting out, someone who has been playing for a couple years and feel stuck, or a veteran player who is looking to go to the next level, my lesson program can help you. It is designed to help the student grow musicaly and technically as a musician. I will focuse on making sure the student learns and uses proper technique, I will teach the student how to read music, and how to play drums in a musical setting(playing songs/playing with other musicians).

I will teach the student proper technique. The importance of good technique will allow the student to effectively express their ideas on the drums, and prevent them from causing injury to themselves. I will teach the student how to read music. The importance of reading is that it helps the student have a visual and mental understanding of the music they are hearing, and will help them cultivate and right down ideas for the instrument. I will teach the student independence of the limbs. Playing the drums requires the student to have all four limbs playing different rhythms at the same time. I will combine these three important concepts with the students approach to the drums, so they can play musically to songs and with other musicians.

The purpose of my lessons program is to cultivate a fun and inspiring learning environment for the student. I wish to create an atmosphere where the student feels like they are part of the family and not just merely there to take in information. I will also ask the student what they want to learn and create a personal lesson plan around that to help them achieve their goals. Each student is different when it comes to learning (the one size fits all approach does not work). I will personally find the best way to teach each student and have them learn at the pace they are most comfortable with.